Assisting businesses,
who plans to incorporate or already has a legal entity in Cyprus

Why Cyprus?

Switch to a comfortable tax regime!


corporate tax




personal income

Company formation & registration

We organize and implement projects for the establishment of legal entities:

Preparation of documents

Company registration

Opening a bank account

Choosing a suitable bank or EMI in Cyprus

Company registration with the migration service

We organize and lead projects to obtain quotas:

or authorization to increase it for foreign employees in an international company, provided it is already registered as an international company. 
If not, registration and obtaining the appropriate status.


Preparation of all necessary documents for authorization.


Issuance of invitations for employees, if necessary, to obtain a special entry permit.


Preparation of employment contracts with employees.


Issuance of bank guarantees, if necessary.


Taking out employer's liability insurance.


Registration of employment contracts with the tax office.


The possibility of hiring 15
employees from 3 countries;


The validity of the residence permit
is for 2 years for an employee,
for a family for 1 year;


Obtaining a permanent
residence permit
for the purchase of real estate in Cyprus.

Relocation of employees


Taking a load off HR

all communication on collection and preparation of documents takes place within the framework of the online customer support system


Concierge service

Allows employees to get to work quickly without being distracted by domestic issues


Simplify the adaptation period

for their families by answering questions during the move planning process and immediately afterward

Companies that have already chosen Cyprus for relocation

Our clients

Concierge service​

1. Prior to arrival in Cyprus
  • – Preparation of necessary documents for the employee and family members.
    – Checking the documents and the correctness of their certification before sending them to Cyprus.
    – Receiving the package of documents in Cyprus.
    – Filling in the necessary forms for obtaining a residence permit.
    – If necessary, assistance in obtaining an entry visa.
  • Accompanying our representative to the employee and family members:
    – for medical tests;
    – to migration;
    – to the bank.
  • — Registration of employees in the social insurance fund.
    — Registration of employees with the tax office.
    — Registration of employees and their family members in GESY.
    — Opening a personal bank account for an employee
JFDI providing assistance for bussines and their owners: register companies, open bank accounts, obtain residence permit, tax consulting, on Cyprus and other EU countries.